So fathers is about to be here…

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there, and I am not talking about the men that happen to get some female pregnant and that’s it, I am talking about the fathers who make sure their children/child are taken care of financially and at the same time be there for them.

Sometimes they think by supporting the children by paying for schools and making sure they have a roof over their heads, and food on the table is all, trust me, that’s a lot but along with that should always come with a hug from time to time…it would be surprising to some to see how much fathers do for the children but lack spending time with them, some children have everything a child could ask for in the world but never see their fathers when they wake up or fell asleep before they come home. And some have their father but think he dont love them.

So this guy lived with a woman for over 20years and never married her, this is jamaica by the way, the marriage rate are low…Never married her, had 3 children, 1 boy 2 girls, he was a wild one.. so during the 20 years together had other relations but then met this woman along the way that seem serious than the rest, got a child with her, still living with the first woman, tried to hide it, he even asked the woman if she was going to keep the pregnancy, she told him she would and he was upset for the first, even said to her that he cant afford for this to mess up his relationship because he loved the woman he lived with, but let’s face it, it’s the same community, so how long did he think that he could hide it? The woman he lived with found out but she did not leave him, yet the woman had the baby, a girl, years passed, 4, she had another baby, a boy, still living with the first woman, it was looking to me like he loved this woman too because he stayed together with her so, why not… it was another 7years together, while still living with the first woman, again, she had another child for him, another boy, you would think he would leave the first woman to be with that woman he had children with but no, he was having relationship with another person during the time he was with them both, him doing all that and the woman he lived with finally cracked! She have had it! That was enough, so she had put him out the house, it was over.

He now bought a house for the woman he now is going to be having 3 children with also, they are living together, the time he is living there with them the woman starts thinking a whole lot of things now, now she is paranoid, she have been with him while he was living with someone else now it is her turn…she thinks that is exactly what he is doing with some else, so they are living together, the children are happy they have a home with their father now, but then they start feeling sad as the years go by because the other children starts to come by and spending time with the father and them, not sad because they are coming by, but then the father made 1 big mistake, and i know that there are a lot of this in the world and from my personal views I think this should never be….he started to give to the daughter that came to visit anything she asked for, she would realize that the father prefer her more so she would complain about the other kids and he would shout at them for anything she had told him and if the children do the same he wouldn’t even say anything to that child, if the children he lived with at the moment would want something and ask him he would mostly tell them he dont have the money to buy it for them, but then when the daughter who came to visit would ask for herself she would get it, he would bring her out to places he would not carry the other children he actually live with, so the children starts talking among themselves now saying he dont love them it is the one that came to visit he loves, so they told their mother and the mother starts to get upset with him telling him that he cant do that,he is to treat each of them the same, but it was as if it didnt matter what she said to him, to her, he dont love them as he loved his first family…

I guess what i am trying to say is that some fathers would pick out a child he love the most and separate the way he treats them than the rest and that is wrong, because the other children will notice and feel hurt and think their father dont love them, it’s a sad reality but true.


If not for ourselves,live for your kids.

At times i look at children and I am thankful for them,they are the reason I am as sane as I am today,I attempted on my life,not proud but just want share this if that’s ok….I am sure a lot of you can relate because we love our kids so much,its hard thinking to live without them.

There where times i just wanted to give up,to just take my life, thinking that will be the easiest solution, sometimes things get bad financially and emotionally, especially when it comes to the heart…love can be tricky sometimes and take us over so bad we dont want to live another day because things are not working out as we would Hoped, but at that moment when you are thinking of standing on the sea shore staring into the ocean or having those pills infront of you with that bottle of water or vodka,walking along the highway with those fast moving vehicles… you start remembering that voice calling out for you for your help with homework, a hug or a kiss or you just remeber this morning when you wake them up for school and he or she is telling you what they want to eat,sometimes you dont have exactly what they want but they eat what you make them anyways,you yelling at them after they did something wrong then they find someway to let tou smile you realize you have someone to live for,you are loved in many ways than one,you realize it’s ok to feel a little hurt,its painful to lose a husband/boyfriend but you always have your kids no matter how pushy,angry,picky or cranky they get they are the reason you look forward to get up out the bed,the reason you smile no matter how mad they made you before,what I’m trying to say is there are no easy relationships out there,there are people who will fall inlove and have kids, aometimes love last but sometimes things dont workout as we pland but at the end, the children dont have to lose you too, be strong and always try to stay alive, the pain will past and so will time with your children because they will get older and you will miss out on that.